A Streamlined Approach

The Design-Build delivery method is a progressive shift away from more traditional delivery methods including design-bid-build. Involving both the architect and the contractor early on in the process ensures a higher quality product in a shorter amount of time. Even more importantly, Pyramid acts as the single point of responsibility meaning our clients always know who to hold accountable.


With design and construction consolidated into one entity, the client has only one source that is responsible for the entire project. This eliminates communication problems that result in poor quality, expensive rework and delays.

The Design-Build delivery method fosters coordination from the design and construction sides of the industry early on in the project. The contractor and its subcontractors are able to perform constructability reviews during each phase of design, which maximizes quality while maintaining the established budget and schedule.

More than any other phase of construction, the contractor can provide input during the schematic design phase that will impact the schedule and costs of the project. By establishing a budget early on, the builder can monitor design development to ensure the budget is maintained.

Since the contractor is brought on board at project inception instead of construction document completion, there is no bidding process. Additionally, portions of the construction documents set can be submitted early for permit, allowing early activities (demolition, etc.,) to begin before the building design is complete.

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