The industrial revolution led to the development of the assembly line and took American industry to a new level of productivity in the 1900’s. Today, that innovation continues to be employed in Commercial construction. Pre-fabrication or Panelized construction is a trend that is growing in our industry. On a recent Pyramid project for the construction of the new Pennsylvania Medical Society’s headquarters, a panelized product became a key factor to a successful outcome.

Matt Flickinger, our Project Manager, explains that the project utilized a manufactured exterior wall assembly with finished ACM Panels to enclose the building, stating, “the theory behind the panels is the speed of installation.” The quick installation subsequently allows the building to be enclosed from the elements and for the other trades to gain access to the site to complete other activities. 

“Scheduling is critical in the beginning of the project for items pertaining to the exterior panels. However, once the panels arrive on site, they install very quickly.” A higher cost for these panels is offset by a shortened overall construction schedule, which results in cost savings.

Coordination with installers, installation products, safety and site conditions all play a part in a successful installation of the panels. The end result is a modern feel for the overall building façade, a project that was able to be completed on time, and within budget.

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