Central Penn College Housing

Central Penn College

Student Housing Reno
Phase 2 – 2 Buildings

College Hill Road
Summerdale, PA
8,330 & 9,236 sq. ft.
July 2016

Student Housing Renovations
Phase 1 – 3 Buildings
1,847; 3,652; 8,734 sq. ft.
December 2015

Pyramid Construction Services, Inc. served as General Contractor for a major student housing transformation program for Central Penn College located in Summerdale, PA.

Phase I included interior renovations of fifteen (15) existing townhouse units into Super Suites and apartments. The Super Suites feature single bedrooms and a large common area for first year students. Phase 2 included renovations of nineteen (19) additional units.

Pyramid is proud to continue its partnership with Central Penn College and its enhancements for the student housing experience.