Safety Comes First.

Safety is not merely an item on a checklist. It is a commitment and a necessity that we have carved into our building philosophy and it guides the processes, planning and approach to all of our projects.

At Pyramid Construction, we put the safety of our clients and our workers first. Doing so means integrating our safety program into our culture and on our job sites through training, education and going beyond industry standards to ensure that everyone gets home at the end of each day.

Snow Shoveling Safety

Safe snow shoveling requires proper preparation, good technique and knowledge.Preparation Warm up and stretch prior to shoveling. Think Twice if you: Have had a heart attack or have other forms of heart disease. Have had a heart attack or have other forms of heart...

Safety Talk – Heat Stress

Workers who are exposed to extreme heat or work in hot environments may be at risk of heat stress. Exposure to extreme heat can result in occupational illnesses and injuries. Heat stress can result in heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat cramps, or heat rashes. Heat can...

Silica Safety

Pyramid Employees Learn About New OSHA Silica Guidelines Around 2.3 million workers are exposed to respirable crystalline silica at their jobs. Construction workers represent a large portion of those numbers. Workers who cut, drill, or in any way grind down materials...
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