Construction safety is a vital part of our operations and above all, preventing accidents is extremely important. At the start of every accident, is a cause, a reason things went wrong. Identifying the cause can provide valuable information and subsequently help with preventing future accidents. Furthermore, causes begin with an unsafe act or unsafe condition. We can effectively remove exposure by recognizing the unsafe act or condition. The following “deadly dozens” are reminders to look for unsafe acts and conditions so they can be fixed in time to stop the next accident.  


  1. Unauthorized use or operation of equipment.
  2. Failure to secure or tie down materials to prevent unexpected movement.
  3. Working or operating equipment too fast.
  4. Failure to issue warnings or signals as required.
  5. Using defective tools or equipment.
  6. Removing guards.
  7. Improperly using tools or equipment.
  8. Standing in an unsafe place or assuming an improper posture (as in lifting).
  9. Servicing moving equipment.
  10. Riding equipment not designed for passengers.
  11. Horseplay.
  12. Failure to wear the proper personal protective equipment.


  1. Lack of proper guards.
  2. Lack of a proper warning system.
  3. Fire and explosion hazards.
  4. Poor housekeeping.
  5. Unexpected movements.
  6. Protruding objects such as nails, wire, or other metals.
  7. Improper clearance or congestion at aisles or passageways.
  8. Poor placement, storage or arrangement of materials.
  9. Hazardous tools, equipment or materials.
  10. Poor lighting, high noise levels.
  11. Hazardous atmospheric conditions.
  12. Improper personal attire.

Our approach to safety is guided by our core value to put safety first, last, always! Maintaining the safety of our people and job sites is one way Pyramid and the Quandel family of companies lead, made a difference and help to build a better future!

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